North Shore Plumbing

We provide a wide range of quality plumbing services to our clients. Our North Shore plumbers undertake jobs from taps to sinks, toilets, gasfitting, burst pipes and leak, and more. Below are toilet services we offer.


Our team is well trained in dealing with toilet plumbing issues. Whatever the issue is, we have a solution for you!

Blocked Toilets

Toilet blockages have a number of causes including excess toilet paper, miscellaneous items and hair. Handy Andy’s Plumbing ensures we have the latest equipment to diagnose and clear any of these problems, no matter how big or small.

Leaking Toilets

Generally, leaking toilets are caused by a number of parts from the cistern including flapper failure, float working imporperly and worn washers or bolts. We investigate the problem and fix it efficiently.

In Wall Cistern

These types of cistern repairs can often be difficult due to the lack of access into the wall. Andy and the Handy team have the experience to tackle these sort of issues through thorough diagnostics and effective repair.

Cistern Refurbishments

The internal workings of a cistern are made up of moving plastic parts and corresponding rubber seals. Due to constantly being submerged in water, they tend to deteriorate over time, whilst the outer ceramic shell remains in pristine condition. Our team can restore and overhaul older style cisterns, by reconstructing or rebuilding all moving parts inside.

Toilet Suite Replacements

Toilets can crack or break after continuous use or accidents, and thus become dangerous to use. Often the only alternative, is to have the toilet suite completely replaced. Alternatively, customers looking to refresh their bathrooms can choose to replace old toilet suites. At Handy Andy’s Plumbing we can help you with every step of this process.

Other Toilet Services

Our team also offers solutions for resealing of loose toilet pans, replacement of toilet seats and replacement of cracked cisterns.

We pride ourselves in quality workmanship at the very best price, so give Andy Handy’s Plumbing a go today!