We provide a wide range of quality plumbing services to our clients. Our Northern Beaches and North Shore plumbers undertake jobs from taps to sinks, toilets, gas-fitting, burst pipes and leak, and more. Below are just some of the services we offer.


Toilets, Taps and Sinks


Our team is well trained in dealing with toilet plumbing issues. Whatever the issue is, we have a solution for you!

Blocked or Leaking Toilets

Generally, leaking toilets are caused by a number of parts from the cistern including flapper failure, float working improperly and worn washers or bolts. We investigate the problem and fix it efficiently. Toilet blockages have a number of causes including excess toilet paper, miscellaneous items and hair. Handy Andy’s Plumbing ensures we have the latest equipment to diagnose and clear any of these problems, no matter how big or small.

Toilet Suite Replacements

Toilets can crack or break after continuous use or accidents, and thus become dangerous to use. Often the only alternative, is to have the toilet suite completely replaced. Alternatively, customers looking to refresh their bathrooms can choose to replace old toilet suites. At Handy Andy’s Plumbing we can help you with every step of this process.

Toilet Cisterns

These types of cistern repairs can often be difficult due to the lack of access into the wall. Andy and the Handy team have the experience to tackle these sort of issues through thorough diagnostics and effective repair. The internal workings of a cistern are made up of moving plastic parts and corresponding rubber seals. Due to constantly being submerged in water, they tend to deteriorate over time, whilst the outer ceramic shell remains in pristine condition. Our team can restore and overhaul older style cisterns, by reconstructing or rebuilding all moving parts inside.

Other Toilet Services

Our team also offers solutions for resealing of loose toilet pans, replacement of toilet seats and replacement of cracked cisterns.


Seized and stiff taps are all gradual problems that arise from continuous use. The team at Handy Andy’s has the solution to repair any tap issues, so that you have a fully functioning faucet. Mixer taps are becoming more common in kitchens these days, due to their practicality making them easy to use. Handy Andy’s Plumbing carry an extensive range of tap-ware ready to install at your request. We also offer mixer tap conversions, removing existing more traditional tap-ware. With our well equipped trucks, our team is experienced to fix any problem that arises.

Leaking Taps

Leaking taps are one of the most common plumbing problems that arise in the household, and are caused by more than just a faulty washer. Cracks in tap housings, worn out cartridges, water pressure or broken plumbing are all factors that can result in a continuous leak. At Handy Andy’s we aim to fix problematic taps or replace the entire tap housing when absolutely necessary.

Blocked Sinks and Drains

Another common problem that arises in plumbing, is blocked sinks or drains. Blockages can be cause be a variety of build up including hair, foreign objects, toiletries, grease and oil. Our team is fully equipped and skilled in handling all types of blockages and ensuring you have a flushed, clean drain.


Garbage disposals work to break down food and flush the liquified particles out of the disposer and into your wastewater pipe. They are an environmentally responsible alternative to common disposal methods like landfills, and they help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Handy Andy’s team is fully qualified to install, remove and replace InSinkErators, as well as offering advice on good maintenance practices.

We pride ourselves in quality workmanship at the very best price, reliable, fast-working and experienced. Give Handy Andy’s Plumbing a call today!


Our team at Handy Andy’s Plumbing is professional, licensed and fully experienced in gas Plumbing and fitting. We carry most components in our fully equipped vehicles, offering a quick response for any gas emergency.

We offer services in:
– Repairing leaking gas pipes
– Renewing old gas lines
– Running new gas lines
– Installing and removing gas appliances including hot water heaters, bayonets, room heaters, BBQ’s and ovens
– Conversion of LPG to natural gas for BBQ’s

Offering the latest in gas pipe fitting technology, guaranteeing the very best results.


Burst pipes is a common plumbing problem but can also be one of the costliest if it isn’t addressed efficiently and effectively. Water damage can affect your property and its structure. Some of the causes of burst pipes are tree roots, corrosion, reactions to other materials, or the quality of tubing used. Our plumbing service offers a quick solution to these types of problems and at an affordable price. We use the latest in leak detection equipment to find the problem and quickly repair it. 


Pipe leaks can cause damage internally and externally.
Some signs of leaking pipes are:

– Bowed or misshaped panels
– Mould growing on plasterboard
– Wallpaper bubbling
– Water pressure failing in your home
– An increase in your water usage
– Water pools developing
– Water marks on walls
– Blistering paint
– Loose tiles
– Water drips on ceiling 
– Discolouration of pipes (indication of corrosion)

Any leaks you notice around your house, our experienced team will repair promptly and efficiently.