Every customer’s needs will differ in regard to hot water systems. It depends on factors such as people living in the home, the number of bathrooms, budget and the availability of services such as gas. Gas hot water systems are a great option for households as they are more cost effective than using electricity and are also energy efficient. Handy Andy’s Plumbing offers fast response hot water systems installation and maintenance to all brands including:

Rheem – Dux – Rinnai

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water SYsTEMS

Instantaneous hot water systems are the new solution for hot water systems as they eliminate the need for tanks by systematically heating the water as it passes through the heat exchanger. An electronic control unit modulates the gas burner to maintain a set water temperature.

Many benefits including:

– Endless supply of hot water
– Save energy means saving money on gas and electricity
– Space saving, compact and neat
reduced emissions
– Longer lasting (traditional tanks=1-12 years IHWS=20 years life span)
– Cleaner & fresher water
– Healthier and safer – (prevention of bacteria growth is not an issue in tankless heaters)
– Reliable
– Warranty assured

There are many different sizes of instantaneous gas hot water systems, which differ in the delivery (per minute) of the hot water. At Handy Andy’s Plumbing, we assess your needs based on the inspection of your home and allocate a suitable size to cater to all of your family’s needs.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Benefits of an electric hot water system: – Great alternative for when your house doesn’t have gas services – Changeover from old system to new will cost less – Size variation

GAS Storage Hot Water Systems

Benefits of a Gas Storage Hot Water System include:

– Quick recovery of hot water
– Energy efficient rating
– Large capacity for big families
– Cost effective alternative to electric water systems

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems use the sun’s energy to heat water. An electric or gas booster is included in the system to heat water when sunlight is insufficient. Living in Australia, it makes sense to use the clean, inexhaustible and free supply of energy we get from the sun. Benefits of solar hot water systems: – Environmentally friendly – Reduce carbon footprint – Energy saving means decrease in bills ($$$ savings) – Highly efficient